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New Dinosaur Named after Ghostbuster’s Zuul

It was a spiky, armoured dinosaur that lived 75 million years ago

The 75 million-year-old dinosaur that was unearthed in the US state of Montana has been named after the iconic Zuul from the hit 80’s blockbuster: Ghostbusters.

A dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period, these monsters weighed 2,200 kgs and were around 6m long. Part of the ankylosaurs family, the chunky behemoths were a formidable foe. Zuul crurivastator were covered in armour from the top of their snout to the very end of their tail.

Zuul Tail

Image:  Zuul Tail, Wikipedia

They had a wicked tail full of spikes and a club at the end of their tail to wipe out predator’s legs.

This particular fossil is the best and most complete ankylosaur that has been discovered to date. The fossil included soft tissue, skin impressions and even keratinous sheaths.

So why the name?

The character Zuul from Ghostbusters was an ancient demigod who resembled a dog with large horns protruding from its head. The dinosaur was named after the character Zuul mainly because of its skull. Both Zuul the creature from Ghostbusters and Zuul the dinosaur have a short rounded snout, a huge forehead and two sets of spikes, sticking out backwards from the eyes.

Dan Aykroyd aka Dr Raymond Stantz appeared in the video released by the museum.

"We're so honoured that the Royal Ontario Museum would accord the name of this magnificent creature with the appellation that we called our 'terror dog' in the movie," Aykroyd said.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of the dinosaur was its spiky tail. Zuul had large spikes at the base of the tail and a grouping of long-peaked spines that ran up the length of the Zuul's tail, with a large club right at the end. 

A truly terrifying beast.

Perhaps, even scarier than Zuul himself.


Image: Royal Ontario Museum/ Youtube

Header: Royal Ontario Museum/ Youtube

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