No Nazi Gold Train, Experts Say

There appears to be a secret tunnel… but it’s empty

In a huge blow to the amateur treasure hunters who have made their way to Poland, hoping to make their fortune, latest reports confirm that the long-rumoured Nazi gold train doesn’t exist.

Speaking at a news conference this week, Polish geology expert Professor Janusz Madej said, “according to our examination, there might be a tunnel but there is no train there.”

Last month, experts from Krakow’s University of Science and Technology conducted a range of tests on the rail embankment in Walbrzych. The search area included Hitler’s command post at Ksiaz Castle and Project Riese.

Piotr Koper, one of the men who originally claimed to have found the train, told the news conference he still believes in its existence.

“In the past 70 years, three cold war secret services – the United States, the Russian, then the Polish – carried out searches. We succeeded because we are local people,” Koper told The Guardian.

“Four years ago, we were given information by a witness who was in Walbrzych at the time the train disappeared in April 1945. Radar technology has become affordable, so we were able to check the information.”

“The Nazis dug out the embankment, created a junction and laid track to divert the train off to the side. Then they parked the train, which is 90 metres long, removed the rails and put back the soil.”

Local legend says that the train went missing in 1945 as the Red Army was closing in on Nazi forces at the end of World War II. It’s believed to contain masses of stolen valuables, missing artwork and dangerous weapons.

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