The Mystery That Could Change History

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Strange 8,000-year-old structures could force a re-think of our entire understanding of early humanity

NASA has released new pictures of huge patterns drawn on the ground in Kazakhstan in an attempt to solve the mystery of who built them and why.

The designs, ranging in size from 90 to 400 metres, include crosses, squares, rings and swastikas.

Scientists still have no idea how the mystery formations, known as the Steppe Geoglyphs, were formed.

It’s been speculated that the strange structures may have been used by Stone Age tribes to perform ancient rituals or to track the sun.

Aerial View

However, scientists had previously believed that such early populations had neither the time nor the organization to build and dig the huge symbols.

By comparison, Machu Picchu is only around 500 years old, Stonehedge dates back to around 4,600 years ago and the Great Pyramids of Giza are about 4,000 years old.

More than 50 geoglyphs, including one shaped like a swastika, have been discovered in northern Kazakhstan.

“The idea that foragers could amass the numbers of people necessary to undertake large-scale projects – like creating the Kazakhstan geoglyphs – has caused archaeologists to deeply rethink the nature and timing of sophisticated large-scale human organization as one that predates settled and civilized societies,” Persis B Clarkson, an archaeologist at the University of Winnipeg, told the New York Times.

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