The Nazi Chocolate Bomb Plan

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See new sketches of exploding chocolate bars and other booby trap bombs

New details on the Nazi plans to hide bombs in chocolate bars, mess tin and cans of motor oil have been revealed in new sketched made during World War Two.

After the deadly plots were discovered by British spies, MI5 senior intelligence chief Lord Rothschild asked Laurence Fish, an illustrator, to sketch the deadly booby traps.

The sketches were to be used for warning posters and manuals to help agents identify and diffuse the hidden bombs.

(Image: Laurence Fish/National Archives)

Hitler’s chocolate bar bomb was planned with Churchill in mind, with the Nazis hoping his well-known sweet tooth would do him in.

German spies planned to place the chocolate bars on trays taken into the War Cabinet dining room.

(Image: Laurence Fish/National Archives)

Laurence Fish’s widow found the drawings after his death, but they have been in storage until recently.

The dastardly plots have been known since a secret letter was found six years ago, but this is the first time the original drawings have gone public.

(Image: Laurence Fish/National Archives)

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