About Hyenas

Hyenas are carnivorous African mammals and although they look like canines they actually belong to the Hyaenidae family. This family is comprised of four species; the spotted hyena, striped hyena, brown hyena and aardwolf.

Hyenas are both scavengers and opportunistic hunters. They can often be found eating the left overs of carcasses that lions have caught as well as chasing down their own prey.

Female spotted hyenas are usually larger than males and also have and enlarged clitoris and labia that some people mistake as a penis and testicles. Both female and male reproductive parts become erect when greeting each other or get excited. Females also give birth through their pseudo-penis.

While many people think hyenas are ugly, cowardly scavengers with little or no importance they are actually a huge help to the ecosystem. They clean up scraps left behind by larger animals. And as for the cowardly part, hyenas have been known to take on prides of lions so they aren’t really that scared at all!


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