Like 'Deadpool,' This Jellyfish Has Amazing Superpowers loading...
Like 'Deadpool,' This Jellyfish Has Amazing Superpowers
The moon jellyfish can age backward, form hordes of clones, and regenerate lost body parts, a new study says.
About Jellyfish

Although they sound boring, jellyfish are extraordinary creatures. Not only are some jellyfish beautiful in colour but also they have complex life cycles and nervous systems. A jellyfish body is gelatinous and typically an umbrella shape with lots of tentacles. Tentacles are used for locomotion and in some species, capturing prey.

Most jellyfish are carnivores, feeding on plankton and sometimes even other jellyfish. While they might not look like much jellyfish have a digestive and nervous system as well as light sensitive organs used for vision.

The lifespan of a jellyfish could be anywhere between 2 hours to several weeks. One species, Turritopsis dohrnii, could even be immortal. Scientists understand that the species can transform back into the early life stages and live its life over and over again but still haven’t confirmed how.


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