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See Mammoth 'Hole' Open In This Lake loading...
See Mammoth 'Hole' Open In This Lake
Drone footage captured a mesmerising spillway that began draining water after this lake experienced record rainfall.
About Mammoths

Woolly mammoths were one of the most common herbivores in Siberia, Northern America and Beringia until warmer climates and human hunters wiped out the mainland mammoth 10,000 years ago. Humans migrated into woolly mammoth habitats about 40,000 years ago and began hunting them for their meat, bones and skin. It is still a matter of debate whether or not humans hunted the woolly mammoth to extinction.

The closest living relative to the mammoth is Asian elephants. Mammoths reached approximately 3.5 metres in height to the shoulder and weighed between 6 – 8 tonnes. Mammoths consumed a massive 225 kilograms of food each day, including plants, grass, trees and aquatic shrubs. They would usually die after their last set of teeth wore away, which typically between 60 – 80 years.

Lead Image: Daryl Marshke/University Of Michigan


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