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Take The Pledge Now!
Planet or Plastics? National Geographic launches a multiyear initiative to reduce single-use plastics and their impact on the world’s oceans.
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Nature makes you better
Five countries heeding the call of the wild.
The last five years were the hottest ever, NASA and NOAA declare loading...
The last five years were the hottest ever, NASA and NOAA declare
The planet is warming up, and there’s no sign of stopping.
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Climate change will shift the oceans' colours
In the next century, satellites will watch as the ocean's blues and greens intensify.
About Nature

As residents of Earth, we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature and her seas, deserts, mountains and jungles, among many other harsh and unforgiving environments.

Anything created by humanity, and even humanity itself, can be destroyed by nature. Striking with little warning, hurricanes are among the most powerful natural disasters because of their size and potential for destruction.

Earthquakes can be equally devastating, killing thousands and changing the course of history. Tornadoes are relatively brief but violent, potentially causing winds in excess of 300 kilometres per hour.

Flooding is the most common natural hazards while only one sand geyser has been reported in human history. Australians are no strangers to drought, a natural disaster often exacerbated by widespread bushfires.

The biosphere, an umbrella term for all the parts of Earth where life exists, stretches from the deepest tree roots and the darkest ocean trenches to the most impenetrable rainforests and highest mountaintops.

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