Alien Deep With Bob Ballard Factsheet: Inner Space vs. Outer Space

Video highlights from Alien Deep With Bob Ballard

Is humankind’s future a colony on Mars (outer space) or a colony on the ocean (inner space)?

The Debate:

•    Earth’s population is increasing unsustainable. Climate change is accelerating degradation of our environment and natural resources.
•    Is humankind’s future a colony on Mars (outer space) or a colony on the ocean (inner space)?
•    Talent on each side of the debate
o    Mars: Buzz Aldrin
o    Oceans: Dr. Ballard

Dr. Ballard: Why Oceans are the Next Colony:

•    Simplicity: they’re right here, not several years of flight away.
•    Cost: estimated that to feed four astronauts on Mars would cost millions of dollars.
•    Incentives: there is much left to be discovered, including mineral and agricultural frontiers, on the ocean floor, where only token surveys have been done.
•    People already living at sea. Talent estimates that about 20,000 people live at sea on Gulf of Mexico alone.

Survey of Existing Technology:

•    Dr. Ballard visits examples of emerging technology for sea colonies.
•    Cat Ba, Vietnam/ Galveston, Texas, USA: Dr. Ballard visits a decades old marine colony in Vietnam and then the Seasteading Institute in Galveston, Texas, U.S., that is converting off-the-shelf oilrig technology into a habitable platform at sea.
•    Hawkes Super Falcon: Dr. Ballard visits an engineer, Graham Hawkes, who has developed a super-fast underwater vehicle for personal transportation that can make an ocean colony as accessible as a suburb through rapid transportation.
•    Farming: we explore the work of biologist Neil Sims who is developing modules to farm fish in open water and away from land.
o    Deep sea farming would defray environmental cost of shore farming as well as make available huge tracts of space for food production.


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