Alien Deep With Bob Ballard: Student Tasks

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Inner Versus Outer Space

LEARNING LEVEL            
Junior Secondary




Task 1

List the world's five oceans in order of size from largest to smallest.

Task 2

For each of the five oceans, find out the following information:

•    Approximate amount of water it contains

•    Countries bordering it

•    Three defining characteristics that differentiate it from other oceans

Task 3

Bob Ballard and Buzz Aldrin have opposing views about the direction we humans should be taking to ensure our survival. Do some Internet research to help write a 50-word paragraph about each of these two frontier explorers, outlining their credentials.

Task 4

Bob Ballard claims to have seen the world's oceans change radically in his lifetime. Make a list of a dozen changes you expect he has encountered.

Task 5

US oceanographer, Larry Mayer, and his team are collaborating with Canadian crews to map the continental shelf of North America in a mission that has been described as a "multi-national land grab with vast underwater resources". In about 100 words explain:

•    Why the crews are mapping the North American continental shelf


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