Do Or Die Facts: Man Rescued From LA River

Video highlights from Do Or Die


•    Among the movies that have been filmed in the LA River are Grease, Terminator 2, and The Italian Job.

•    One unusual fish found in the L.A. River is the amazon sailfin catfish – native to Brazil and Peru.   

•    The L.A. river originally looked like any other natural river – but a terrible flood in 1914 caused an uproar that by the 1930s led the US Army Corp of Engineers to “channelize” it in a concrete riverbed.

•    The Centers for Disease control say that there is an average of almost ten deaths by accidental drowning every day in the United States.

•    The greatest flow of any river is the Amazon, which discharges an average  of 7,100,000 cubic feet of water every second into the Atlantic.  The L.A. river averages a relatively measly 320 cubic feet per second.   

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