Do Or Die Facts: Pamplona Run Bull Goring

Video highlights from Do Or Die


•    The running of the bulls in Pamplona is part of a festival celebrating local Saint Fermin.  Fermin is the patron saint of boot-makers, and died from decapitation.

•    Bull runs happen in other towns around the world, including Tlacotalpan, Mexico, and Cave Creek, Arizona.

•    In New Orleans, a version of the running happens during their own festival of Saint Fermin, and features people on rollerskates chasing runners while swinging plastic baseball bats.

•    A 1982 article in the Southern Medical Journal identified “mechanical bull syndrome” which can include a fracture called “bullrider’s thumb.”  

•    The world-record circumference of a bull horn is 40.75 inches.  That means the horn was over a foot thick!

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