Do Or Die Facts: Rattlesnake Bites Gardening Woman

Video highlights from Do Or Die


•    The lethality of Western Diamondback Rattlesnake venom actually varies depending on where the snake is from.  Snakes from the southwest portion of the species’ range are more poisonous than ones from the northeast portion.   

•    Younger snakes are also more poisonous.

•    The first rattlesnake antivenom in the U.S. was sold in 1953.  Antivenoms were developed from vaccine research in the early 20th century.

•    This incident occurred in Tucson, Arizona – the nearest major league baseball team is named the Diamondbacks, and features the rattlesnake as their logo.

•    Tucson is located in the Sonoran desert, the only place the famous saguaro cactus grows.

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