Big Money Burls

Video highlights from Filthy Riches

They form on tree roots, trunks and branches as a result of abnormal cell development, and yield wood prized for its beauty and rarity. Watch Big Money Burl on Filthy Riches.

•    The burls on Redwood trees can sprout new trees that are the exact genetic copies of their host tree.

•    Burls are referred to as burr in Europe.

•    The removal of burls from giant redwoods can kill these ancient and rare trees by making them ripe for infection and disease.

•    No two burls are ever alike.

•    Pacific madrones are able to withstand strong winds because of deep, spreading root systems.

•    The burls on Walnut trees grow underground.  You won’t know how valuable it will be until you unearth the entire burl.  

•    Walnut burls are rare and valuable. The Jaguar car company sponsors a 175 acre (72 hectare) planting within the National Forest of the UK.

•    California has approximately 33 million acres of forest.

•    Examples of furniture decorated with veneer burls have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

•    Oregon exports hundreds of tons of burls each year to France and Italy.

•    “Pepperwood” is a nickname for the California Bay Laurel.

•    The name Pepperwood comes from the scent they give off when the leaves are crushed.

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