Mushrooms: Did you know?

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A common ingredient in everyday cooking, but also a deadly fungus - how much do you know about mushrooms? Learn even more about the 'Shroom Biz' on Filthy Riches.

•    European white truffles are among the most expensive food in the world.  

•    The Amanita phalloides is responsible for over half of all mushroom poisoning cases and is commonly called the “Death Cap.”

•    Rain is necessary for a mushroom to fruit, but too much rain can make them soggy and less marketable.

•    Watch out for the Deadly Galerinas!  These mushrooms can cause kidney and liver dysfunction, and possibly death.

•    Madrone trees can grow to 75 feet high.

•    Madrone trees can live for over 200 years.

•    The Chicken of the Woods mushroom grows in clusters and can have up to 50 overlapping caps in a single cluster.

•    The 2001-2002 mushroom crop in the U.S. totaled 851 million pounds.

•    The US increased its consumption of mushrooms from 3.7 pounds per person in 1993 to 4.2 pounds per person in 2000.

•    Hen of the Woods has been used medicinally in Asia for centuries.

•    In Japan, the Maitake, or Hen of the Woods, mushroom means “dancing mushroom.”

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