How To Survive On A Deserted Island

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In the weeks before Christmas, the idea of moving to a deserted island can be a tempting one. But surviving on a truly isolated island is no easy feat.

Should you ever find yourself trying to stay alive in the middle of the ocean, there’s five key things to keep in mind.


Unsurprisingly, water should be the number one priority if you find yourself stranded. Assuming there aren’t any streams nearby, it’s time to set up a water collection device. If there’s a chance of rain, put out any vessels that could collect rainwater. Caves may also have dripping water.

You can also collect water by digging a hole in the ground, putting a container at the bottom and surrounding it with wet leaves. Then, put a piece of plastic, such as tarp, on top of the hole and weigh it down with rocks so water can collect and fall into the container.


Hunger can make you do crazy things, but don’t go eating any strange mushrooms or berries that you can’t identify. Easily recognised fruits like bananas and coconuts are your best bet.

By sharpening a stick to make a spear or fashioning a safety pin into a hook, you can make an attempt at fishing – though it’s not always easy!

Get some inspiration from Aussie science teacher and Wild Survivor Phil Breslin as hunts for food in Australia’s brutal Kimberley region.


Whether your island is filled with scorching sun or thunderous rain, finding or making some kind of shelter together is imperative.

Ideally, your shelter will be close to your best water source, particularly if you’re in a hot climate. Keeping your base close to the shore will allow you to quickly signal to passing ships and planes that could be your chance at rescue.

Collect an assortment of tree branches to lean across a stable large tree, which can then be covered in leaves and smaller branches.

One hazard you might not have thought of? Seals. Despite their cute reputation, seals can be quite aggressive – as Wild Survivor Phil Breslin discovered….

For more tips and tricks on surviving harsh landscapes, check out Wild Survivor.

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