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Koalas Of Kangaroo Island - Student Tasks

Video highlights from Koalas of Kangaroo Island

Upper Primary and Junior Secondary


Koalas of Kangaroo Island: A Race Against Time

LEARNING LEVEL            

Upper Primary, Junior Secondary


Science, Biology


Task 1
Download a map of Australia from
Click on the map to enlarge it, then save the map to your files, or print it and paste it into your workbook.

On your map:
•    Find and name Kangaroo Island
•    Find and shade the area between Mt Gambier and Padthaway
•    Shade all the areas of Australia where koalas can be found. (You may need to do some Internet searching for this task.)

Task 2
Compile a fact file about koalas including the following:
•    What type of animals they are
•    Average weight, height and lifespan of male adults
•    Average weight, height and lifespan of female adults
•    Habitat (where they like to live)
•    Diet (what they like to eat)
•    How young are born and raised
•    Average size and weight of young when born

Task 3
Identify three different habitats on Kangaroo Island, including terrestrial, aquatic and marine, and give five examples of animals from each of these habitats.

Task 4
•    In about 50 words explain when and why koalas were taken to Kangaroo Island
•    List five problems koalas have caused on Kangaroo Island
•    Suggest how you think these problems can best be overcome

Task 5
In about 100 words describe the work being undertaken by the "koala teams". Add a sentence to state whether or not you would like to be part of the team and why.


Task 1
Download a map of Australia from
Click on the map to enlarge it, then save the map to your files, or print it and paste it into your workbook.

Locate Kangaroo Island on the map and write down five reasons to explain how and why the island has become one of the world's last unspoiled island wilderness areas.

Task 2
Write a list of ten threats koalas have endured in the past few hundred years since the arrival of Europeans in Australia. Find out how many koalas are now believed to exist in the wild.

Task 3
In about 100 words, explain when and why koalas were originally taken to Kangaroo Island and why this translocation was not the right solution to the problem.

Task 4
Define the following terms as they apply to wildlife management, and write a sentence for each to describe how they were or are being applied to the koala problem on Kangaroo Island:
•    Culling
•    Tagging
•    De-sexing
•    Relocation

Task 5
The South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage has spent $4.7 million dollars over ten years trying to fix the devastation caused by koalas on Kangaroo Island. In about 150 words, explain what the problem is, what is being done about it, whether or not you agree with the goals of the programme, and why.

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