The Horrifying Reason This Lake Has Turned Red

The nightmarish lagoon in Mexico is now attracting hundreds of crocodiles, leaving locals terrified.

There’s a good reason locals call this The Lake Of Blood.

The red lagoon in Chetumal, Mexico, is attracting attention around the world – and the attention of hundreds of crocodiles.

Ever since the lake was polluted by the pigs’ blood from a local slaughterhouse, the large predators have made the area their new home, even raising their young in the bright waters.

It’s a real-life nightmare for those living near the lake, with swarms of malaria-ridden mosquitos moving in and crocodiles snatching their pets and livestock. Locals say they’re terrified that their children could be next.

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“I’m kept awake at night by the biggest males roaring and fighting just metres from my door,” local woman Dani Hernandez told The Daily Mail.


"It’s terrifying, because there’s no way my tiny shack could stand up to a five-metre monster if it wanted to come in.”

Some enterprising locals are using the situation to their advantage, hunting the killer crocodiles. It’s a profitable pastime, with the leather from a single crocodile fetching upwards of AU$500. 

Morelet’s crocodiles, known as Cocodrilo de panto in Mexico, is a medium-sized species with adult males reaching up to 4.5 metres long.

Their populations were greatly reduced in many areas due to unregulated skin hunting, which occurred principally in the 1940s and 1950s.

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