Which Countries Have The World's Worst Weather?

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From the strongest gust of wind on record to the hottest temperatures ever records, these countries go to the extreme

Worst Weather on Earth:
Hurricane-force winds blow more than 100 days a year on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Strongest Gust of Wind:
The world’s record for strongest gust of wind, a bruising 407 kilometres per hour, was recorded at Barrow Island, Australia, April 1996. 

Most Lightning Strikes Annually:
With 158 bolts occurring each year over a square kilometre, a mysterious spot deep in the mountains of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, near the village of Kifuka, holds the record for most lightning strikes annually.

Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded:
On September 13, 1922, an Italian weather station measured a temperature of 58°C in al' Aziziyah (Azizia) Libya about 40 kilometres south of Tripoli.

Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded:
On July 21,1983, -89.2°C was recorded at a weather station in Vostok, Antarctica.

World’s Greatest Average Annual Rainfall:
Over a period of 38 years, Mawsynram, India, received an average rainfall of almost 12 meters of rain each year. From August of 1860 to July of 1861, however, Cherrapunji, India received over 26 metres of rain.

World’s Longest Recorded Dry Period:
No rain fell on Arica, Chile, in the Atacama Desert for over 14 years (from October 1903 to January 1918).

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