Food facts about surviving in the NZ wild

Video highlights from Wild Survivor

With no food, no shelter, not even a knife, Wild Survivor Phil Breslin shares some facts about food in the New Zeland wild.

  • Trocuhus shells are a staple food of the Bardi Jaarwi People, their shells are as strong as iron.
  • The Bardi people discovered the root of the soapy wattle contains a toxin that stuns and starves fish of oxygen making them easy to catch.
  • There are about seven plants that you can eat out of three hundred odd plants in North Island NZ
  • A Maori delicacy the Huhu grub can be found in certain types of fallen trees and taste like earthy peanut butter
  • Kina is New Zealand’s spiky sea urchin. Commonly found around the coast it can be drank raw once cracked open. The yellowy roe liquid is meant to taste a little bit like caviar

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