Access 360 World Heritage: Mt Fuji

Video highlights from Panasonic Presents: Access 360° World Heritage

1.    Mt. Fuji is the single most popular tourist destination in Japan; about 30% of its climbers are foreigners.


2.    Even though Mt. Fuji is currently classified as an active volcano with a low risk of eruption, a possible eruption could severely affect the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, which is only 100 kilometers away.

3.    Mt. Fuji is the world’s most climbed mountain and attracts over 300,000 people each year during its climbing months of July and August.

4.    Long revered as a sacred destination, Mt. Fuji has been known for its religious pilgrimages where sins and impurities are left behind, as pilgrims experience the cleansing powers as they ascend the mountain.

5.    It is believed that the first person to ever climb Mt. Fuji was an anonymous monk in 663, whereas women were forbidden to climb until the Meiji Era (1868-1912).


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