Jeremy & Christine: Cabin Crew

Video highlights from Emirates Be There

Emirates cabin crew Jeremy didn’t grow up like your average Australian teenager. Moving out at 17, he decided to study media and film until venturing to Malaysia to volunteer as an English teacher.  With this insatiable thirst for exploring the unknown and immersing himself in new cultures, he joined Emirates as cabin crew with whom he has been able to pursue his love for travel and languages. On his first day at Emirates, he met Christine whilst riding the bus with the other new trainees. Laughing throughout the entire journey he thought she would be good fun and decided to tag along with her - they’ve been best friends ever since

Canadian Christine and Jeremy bonded over one of their favourite pastimes:  rollerblading in the park. Sporty Christine lives for the outdoors and leads an active lifestyle, at one point she even ran at a competitive level. Always curious and keen to explore, she finds her new discoveries inspire her art, drawing and painting. In fact, Christine harbours a secret ambition to act and dance in a Bollywood movie - ideally in her rollerblades!

On a trip through Europe by rail, Christine learned that travel leads to inspiring new stories and meeting new people. This opened her eyes to the real world out there: not just the perfect picture postcards of tourist attractions, but being able to walk around a new neighbourhood, fully immersing herself in a place, experiencing it like the locals do.  This is a trait she shares with Jeremy, so together they look to explore the unknown - getting lost and going with the flow, figuring things out as they come.

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