Rahed: The Cabin Crew Trainer

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Irish born Rahed grew up in Beirut, Lebanon after moving there with his Palestinian parents. Even as a boy, he was highly active and into extreme sports, constantly craving the adrenaline rush. He looks back on his childhood and remembers himself as ‘a crazy kid’ - the only one amongst his group of friends who dared to skateboard down the steepest and longest slope in the village. While all the other kids looked on, he took up the challenge: a helter-skelter ride that could quite easily have ended in disaster. Even though he made it to the bottom unscathed, the adult Rahed doubts he would be quite as daring now.

Skateboards, kite-surfing, surfing, skydiving, wakeboarding, bungee jumping, scuba diving: he’s done it all. But there is one thing this daredevil won’t do: base-jumping, not just because of the danger factor, but because his wife certainly wouldn't be happy. He hopes to inspire anyone out there to try something new and push their limits. 


A self-proclaimed people-person, Rahed is not scared of chatting to new people and making great friends along the way - even when he doesn’t speak the language, they still manage to talk for hours.


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