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David Eastham: Bachelor of Biological Science, 2009


Bachelor of Biological Science

Employed: Biosecurity Leader - Incursion Control, Department of Primary Industries (DPI)

At Deakin you're not just a number and the academics take a genuine interest in your studies. I was able to talk with academics who had expertise in areas that appealed to me, which helped me decide what subjects, work and volunteer experience would get me to where I wanted to go.

"I finished the DPI Graduate Program in December 2011 and am currently working as a Biosecurity Leader - Incursion Control. This involves looking into the best ways to respond to high-risk invasive plants and animals that may enter our state. Knowing that my work can make a difference is very rewarding."

"My course has helped my career by providing me with knowledge and skills that made me suitable for a wide variety of roles within the workforce and I still consult with the professors from Deakin on various work related subjects."

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