Tamara: Cabin Crew

Video highlights from Emirates Be There

Born and bred in North Carolina, Tamara’s small town prospects were unlikely to lead to her becoming a member of Emirates’ cabin crew. Where she comes from, it’s rare for people to even have a passport, never mind travel across the world on a daily basis.

Her desire to travel stems from an opportunity she was given to study abroad. The experience opened her eyes to the beauty of the world. To Tamara travelling is the most enriching activity for personal self-growth and betterment. 

Unknown to many of even Tamara’s closest friends, she harbours a debilitating fear of heights - an uncommon phobia amongst her colleagues seeing as they soar thousands of feet above the ground for a living. Her solution? She bravely faced and conquered her fear by skydiving. She even did a bungee jump… never again, she has vowed, but at least she gave it a go.

Now Tamara makes a habit of challenging herself and with surprising results, truly believing that exploring her own limits has allowed her to grow and become a better version of herself.


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