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About Nutria

Nutria are large, web-footed rodents that are more agile in the water than on land.

They live in burrows, or nests, never far from the water. Nutria may inhabit a riverbank or lakeshore, or dwell in the midst of wetlands. They are strong swimmers and can remain submerged for as long as five minutes.

Nutria (also called coypu) are varied eaters, most fond of aquatic plants and roots. They also feast on small creatures such as snails or mussels.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Nutria

Scientific Name: Myocastor coypus

Type: Mammals

Diet: Omnivores

Group Name: Colony

Average life span in the wild: 8 to 10 years

Average life span in captivity: Up to 10 years

Size: Head and body, 17 to 25 in; tail, 10 to 16 in

Weight: 15 to 22 lbs


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