5 Reasons Beards Are Good For You

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Step away from the razor!

1. They can lower your risk of skin cancer

Beards offer significant protection from the sun’s rays, according to scientists at the University Of Southern Queensland.

The researchers found that parts of the skin covered by beards and moustaches had around a third less exposure to UV rays. Exactly how much your beard protects the skin depends on its thickness and longevity.

2. They can help fight illnesses

When you have a sore throat, the body needs to build up temperature to kill the virus. Having facial hair on your chin and neck raises the area’s temperature, potentially helping to battle colds.

3. They can reduce allergies and asthma

Much like the filter in a vacuum or air conditioner, facial hair can trap allergens like pollen and dust, reducing allergies.

Additionally, shaving some amounts of allergens present in a beard could actually “desensitise” the immune system.

4. They can slow down the ageing process

Sun exposure is the key cause of visible ageing and skin damage, so the presence of a heavy beard can protect the skin, meaning fewer wrinkles and fewer age spots.

5. They can reduce infections

Shaving is the main cause of bacterial infections on the chin and neck, so backing away from the razor means no more nasty rashes or ingrown hairs.

It's that time of year again - Movember! The annual event where men grow moustaches  to raise awareness and funding for men’s health issues like mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. To get involved, click here.

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