Atlantic Bluefin Fast Facts

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Species: Thunnus thynnus

Length: Can exceed 3 metres

Weight: Up to 900 kilograms

Top Speed: Over 65 kilometres per hour

Diving Depth: Over 900 metres

Life Span: Up to 40 years

Protection Status: Endangered

Diet: Consumes smaller fish such as herring

Food-Chain Position: Apex predator

Revenue for Fisherman: USD$1,500 to USD$20,000+ per fish

Did You Know?
In January 2012 a Tokyo restaurant purchased a single bluefin tuna at auction for USD$736,000 — or $2,736 per kilogram.

The bluefin’s streamlined shape is so optimized for swimming that U.S. military-funded scientists studied it as a model for Navy torpedoes.


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