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Ben is the Director of the Wild Cat Conservation Centre in the beautiful Hawkesbury, one hour north-west of Sydney, Australia. The Conservation Centre in Wilberforce focuses on the preservation and conservation of wild cats of the world, including African Serval, Caracal and the endangered Cheetah. Including the only breeding program for Cheetah in Sydney

Passionate about wildlife, Ben has more than 20 years of professional experience in animal husbandry and wildlife conservation which has taken him across the world, from reserves in Africa to sanctuaries in Asia.

As the face of Nat Geo Wild in Australia, Ben has appeared in numerous documentaries and is currently featured in a series of vignettes deciphering the mysteries of animal behaviour for viewers.

Ben believes strongly in conservation through education and is well versed in communicating wildlife conservation messages in entertaining ways through the media.

Ben splits his time between his home in Sydney and Botswana, Africa where alongside the team at Mashatu Research he is working to help conserve big cats and other African wildlife.

Britton can currently be seen on Nat Geo Wild, channel 616.

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