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There are almost 100,000 candidates in the USA waiting for one or more organs – over 70,000 of these are waiting for kidneys.

Because of the lack of available donors in the USA, 3,916 kidney patients, 1,570 liver patients, 356 heart patients and 245 lung patients died in 2006 while waiting for life-saving organ transplants.

Of the approximately 12,000 people who qualify to donate organs when they die, only half of them actually do so.

Even if an individual has formally indicated that they wish to be a donor, when they die the next-of-kin must give consent. Approximately 35 percent of these persons end up not having their organs donated because their family did not consent to it.

Poor Filipinos have consented to selling their kidneys with a price tag of 2,000 to 10,000 dollars.


Vultures cool themselves by urinating on their own legs. Before mating, male porcupines will urinate on the quills of a female to soften them.

Eskimos formerly utilized urine both as medicine and as shampoo for extra shine and body.

Jellyfish stings can actually be aggravated into releasing more venom if urinated upon, disproving the myth that doing so could ease the pain.

In 2009, Mexico will host the 5th World Congress Urotherapy.


Female companions can raise the status of their men even though Papua New Guinea is traditionally male-dominated by being strong and hardworking.

Papua New Guinea's animals are primarily marsupials and descended from Australian animals. Pigs are not indigenous but are a mark of status with Highlands tribal people and are considered a valuable source of food.

Pig serves as legal tender and replaces money. They can be used in bride price, in compensation, and cover school fees.

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