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•    Back in 1888, a band of sugar millers faced an overwhelming oversupply of molasses and came up with an ingenious solution: Bundaberg Rum!

•    Of Bundaberg Rum's drinkers - 40% are women and 60% are men. Bundy's fans are split roughly 50:50.

•    In 2012 Bundaberg Rum had its first female distiller

•    Bundaberg Rum bottling outputs 60,000 bottles of rum each day.  When they bottle and package the BDC 125th Anniversary Rum they will slow down to just 65 bottles a day.

•    The longest serving Bundaberg Rum employee is Graham Golchert who has been there since 1975.  In his 38 years the company has gone from having no computers to now having fermentation and distillation largely run by just 2 operators from 1 room.  The first computer on site was an IBM with 2mb ram and a 28mb hard drive.

•    The collective experience of staff on site at the Bundaberg Distillery exceeds 500 years of rum making.

•    The Bundaberg Rum Distillery has the capacity to hold $2.5 billion dollars’ worth of rum on site.

•    Bundaberg Rum is held in Bond stores to mature. Bond stores mean the liquid held is not for sale and its value is yet to be realised, so tax is not paid. Once the rum leaves the bond store and is bottled or canned - tax is payable.  

•    Bundaberg rums fans have been known to arrange honeymoons, weddings and holidays around special release of Bundaberg Rum.

•    Over 1,400 Bundaberg Rum fans queued for 72 hours for the launch of the latest Master Distillers Collection - Double Barrel.  This release recently won 2 gold medals at 2 separate International Spirit competitions.

•    The value of Bundaberg Rum to a collector is not just in the age and type of rum but also in the bottle number.  1/1000 is more valuable to a collector than 534/1000.

•    Bundy R. Bear was first put on a bottle of Bundaberg Rum by Sam McMahon - brother of Australian Prime Minister Billy McMahon - in 1961.  It was a real polar bear at that time - and accompanied the slogan "Bundaberg Rum to ward off the coldest Southern Chills". 

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