Fantasy Lives

Video highlights from Taboo

Some consider creating fantasy lives an important part of human nature. The need to have a place to escape to from stress is extremely important. Learn more about different types of fantasy lives.

"In some ways sexuality in Japan or the sexes are more separated but I think sexuality can be more free floating in some ways. There is more acceptance in androgyny and dress in general. It's not necessarily a sexual orientation. I think it is again wanting to be different, take on a different identity and society allows that, or is more tolerant of it than in the west." - Susan Napier

Cosplay is identified heavily with Japan but it's always been part of Western fan culture, at least since the 1940s when fans would dress up as characters from science fiction novels or comic books.

Second Life's virtual land mass would be roughly twice the size of Hong Kong in the real world.

The Klingon language was created as a "verbal movie-prop" for Star Trek and was not supposed to be a language for human communication. But today thousands of persons have studied Klingon and 20 – 30 persons can be considered fluent in the language.

Paraphilic infantilism is a paraphilia characterized by the desire to wear diapers and be treated as an infant or toddler. One who engages in infantilistic play is known as an adult baby (AB). About one in three adult babies is also a diaper lover (DL), so they are collectively known as AB/DLs. The majority of infantilists are heterosexual males.

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