Inmate Profile: Adrian English

Video highlights from Hard Time


adrian english YOB: 1978
Gender: Male
Major offence: Cruelty to children
Sentence length: 20 years
Current status: Active

Adrian English Hard Time Quotations

  • “You look at the mountains around you and it’s all beautiful and all that. Then you got Hays State Prison. This is hell.”

  • “There’s always going to be things about me that draw attention to me, you know. I’ve had people spit in my face; I’ve had people slap me. I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been jumped, and I’ve had stuff stolen from me. Pretty much anything and everything that can happen to a person in here, you know, I’ve probably been through it.”<

  • “I draw, I write. That peace of mind to sit there and be able to be calm when the whole world’s going to hell around you, because a lot of times that’s what it is in the dorms.”

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