Inmate Profile: Steven Crane

Video highlights from Hard Time

steven crane YOB: 1981
Gender: male
Known Alias: : Crane, Brad
Major Offence: Voluntary Manslaughter
Sentence length: 15 years
Current status Active

Steven Crane Hard Time Quotations

  • “First time in prison. It’s nothing that you sign up for willingly. But you have to focus your energies on getting yourself through it.” “You’re going to be tested – might not be daily, might not be weekly, but you will be tested. They’ll test to see if you’ll stand up for yourself. Respect and loyalty: those are the codes that you have to live by.”

  • “It’s always better to fight and lose than not fight at all. You know, if you fight and lose you’ll have a lot more respect. If you don’t fight at all, like I said, you’ll be considered one of the sheep among wolves. And you’ll be preyed upon constantly.”

  • “It’s been four and a half years since I’ve had a real contact visit with my family. I’m just really looking forward to getting a hold of my dad and letting him know where I’m at. Trying to set up a visitation. That’s the number one thing to me right now, is getting that set up. I mean, that means everything to me right now.”

  • “You don’t realize, man, the things that you take for granted until you don’t have those things no more… The little simple things, like just being able to give your family, your parents, your girlfriend or anything a hug like that.”

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