Meet Dr Brian Barki

Video highlights from The Surgery Ship

Anaesthetist on the Mercy ship

Brian is a young Chinese-American anesthesiologist from Oklahoma who currently lives full-time on board with his wife Jamie, son BJ, daughters Maya and Hanna.

He's the anesthesia supervisor, a role he took over from Dr. Michele White, who he cites as one of his mentors. The role involves staffing the hospital with anaesthesia providers and then running the team. He tends to go back and forth between the three operating theatres running concurrently, supervising each anesthetic provider. He also works as the lead anesthesiologist on specific cases.

Two years before coming to Mercy Ships, at age 33, he had already been made Anesthesia Supervisor at a major hospital in Tulsa, USA. In his younger years he was a junior professional tennis player. He's calm and collected in the operating theatre and clearly very skilled and knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field. For example he is introducing to Mercy Ships the practice of administering 'blocks', where specific nerves are numbed, which means you can use less general anesthetic and the patient has fewer side effects.

Tune into Surgery Ship 7.30pm Tuesday on Nat Geo People.

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