Meet the Preppers: Donna Nash, The Momma Prepper

Video highlights from Doomsday Preppers

"I'm preparing for a world-wide pandemic."

Donna Nash, The Momma Prepper

Photograph by Brett Wiley / Sharp Entertainment

"I'm preparing for a world-wide pandemic."

Producer's note from Jessica Van Garsse: "Donna Nash is not REALLY a prepper. Or so she tried to convince me, many times over and insistently, each time we talked on the phone in the weeks leading up to our planned shoot.  Donna was enthused about the project, and always lovely, but worried she was not “extreme” enough, that she wasn’t “enough of a prepper” for us. She was “sure we’d be disappointed”, because she didn’t see what she was doing as being “real” prepping.  When I met Donna, I understood why she said those things – but I also saw that she was quite wrong.

On the surface, she had a point – Donna is a vibrant, blond-haired blue-eyed suburban mom, the kind you imagine always had chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven waiting for her children when they got home from school.  She’s well-dressed, modern, and takes pride in her sprawling, gorgeous and richly-decorated home. She loves her family, her community, and life, and is full of easy-going, happy energy. Though her children are now grown, Donna remains a mom through-and-through – like a true one, she just wants everyone to be happy, and to take good care of them.

So, yes - admittedly, the last thing you’d ever venture to guess about Donna is that she’s a prepper. And yet, she is, in many ways, the truest form of one.  Because Donna believes without a doubt that our world is in peril (her fear of a widespread pandemic which could wipe out the entire earth’s population is indeed a terrifying thought, and one which keeps her up at night) - and she is doing everything she can to save herself and those she cares about.

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