Meet the Preppers: Kevin O'Brien, The G.O.O.D Prepper

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"I'm uprooting my family in preparation for the polar shift of 2012."


Kevin O'Brien, The G.O.O.D Prepper

Photograph by Cory Wascinsk / Sharp Entertainment

"I'm uprooting my family in preparation for the polar shift of 2012."

Producer's note from Nicholas Weissman: "How much would you sacrifice to protect your family in the face of disaster? Kevin O’Brien, a restaurant manager in the low-lying area of Jacksonville, FL, is taking no chances. Kevin has seen the effects of extreme weather as hurricanes terrorize the Atlantic coast near his suburban home. Though his family has dodged many bullets in the past, their current property -- hovering only 15 ft above sea level -- is susceptible to worst case scenario: a rapid and destructive polar shift.

Knowing that his family cannot sit and wait for the coming tsunamis, floods, and unprecedented climate shift, Kevin has taken fate into his own hands and decided to uproot permanently to higher ground. With his wife, son, two daughters, and newborn infant, Kevin will pickup their entire life and move 700 miles north to the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. Here, they have purchased a 100-acre property where they will build a climate-protected structure known as an Earth Ship. It is a big change for anyone, but the Obrien’s see it as an absolute necessity."

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