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Meet the Preppers: Michael Douglas, The Man of the Land Prepper

Video highlights from Doomsday Preppers

"I’m preparing for a crumbling of our society due to overpopulation."


Michael Douglas, The Man of the Land Prepper

Photograph by Sharp Entertainment

"I’m preparing for a crumbling of our society due to overpopulation."

Producer's note from Jessica Van Garsse: "If the number of times one has been named after a saint is any indicator of character, then Michael James Patrick Douglas is no exception to the rule – he’s as gentle a soul as his name is a mouthful.  I actually understood his name to be Michael Patrick, and called him such for the entire first day we spent filming together. He finally, ever so delicately, corrected me. He’d run out of room on the form, he explained sheepishly.

To understand the kind of person Michael is, you need only to observe the way he walks.  Michael makes his own clothing and shoes from animal hides – since he believes the only way to survive the earth’s imminent crumble under overpopulation will be to return to our hunter-gatherer roots. These clothes allow him to be free of relying on stores and modern economy. They are also totally silent to move in, allowing him to more effectively hunt, and avoid being hunt-ED.  Each step Michael takes in his cloth-covered feet is thought-out and delicate. It’s like a dance, as he gingerly places each foot down, toe-to-heel, making no sound at all, nary a footprint. I should also mention that he walks this way all the time. I mean, all the time - when he’s making breakfast in the kitchen, going to get the mail, or in town grocery shopping."

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