Meet the Preppers: Pat Brabble, The Mancave Prepper

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"I'm preparing for the downfall of society through hyperinflation."


Pat Brabble, The Mancave Prepper

Photograph by Sharp Entertainment

"I'm preparing for the downfall of society through hyperinflation."

Producer's note from Nick Weissman: "We all have secrets. Pat Brabble’s just happens to be a 15” by 15” mancave stocked with over seventy weapons and enough ammo for a small army. As a former gun broker, Pat has access to all the benefits of a Class 3 gun dealer license. This license affords him the ownership of both semi-automatic and automatic weapons. I can tell you first hand: he knows how to use them.

When we arrived at the Brabble home, we found Pat and Lynette to be a considerate tight-knit couple. Thy are not shy about their prepping or their politics:  they stepped up their prepping after the 2004 election, and denounce the current administration.

Pat and Lynette don’t drink, but in their secret barn they have over $1500 of alcohol. At first it seemed like a contradiction of their values, but Pat and Lynette consider it a matter of practicality. After the collapse they will use it for trade, disinfectant, fuel, and – as we saw when Pat lit up a Molotov cocktail -- even protection.

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