Meet the Preppers: Preston White, The Johnny Appleseed of Preppers

Video highlights from Doomsday Preppers

"I’m preparing to survive a catastrophic nuclear accident."


Preston White, The Johnny Appleseed of Preppers

Photograph by James Callanan / Sharp Entertainment

"I’m preparing to survive a catastrophic nuclear accident."

Producer's note from Jeremy Levine: "Preston is a computer programmer by trade who believes that radiation from Fukushima will soon be descending on the United States, ending life as we know it. In fact, he believes that the radiation that has already hit has already altered the genetic makeup of the most important asset for humanity’s survival—seeds. The source of food. The source of life.

Preston, however, is prepared. He has collected over 30,000 seeds which he stores in a dedicated fridge. (When he laid all of the seeds on the floor, it was a pretty stunning site—mountains upon mountains of seeds.) With his seed collection complete, he’s now building a complex of modified tents he hopes can withstand large doses of radiation; one tent for growing food and an adjacent tent for sleeping and cooking. We set out to film Preston as he began to build his new, supposedly radiation-shielding tent community in his backyard."

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