Meet the Preppers: Riley Cook, The Mountain Cabin Prepper

Video highlights from Doomsday Preppers

"I'm preparing my family to survive a polar shift."


Riley Cook, The Mountain Cabin Prepper

Photograph by Sharp Entertainment

"I'm preparing my family to survive a polar shift."

Producer's note from Jessica Van Garsse: '“So… um… I have something to ask you,” began Riley Cook, his voice dripping with trepidation as we spoke by phone the day before I was to arrive in Colorado. (I was intrigued.) “And I don’t want you to be freaked out….” (I wasn’t.) “My parents want to have you over for dinner.” (Now touched, yet confused.) “And, well, I’m sure you’ve seen preppers eat some freaky things.” (I had.) “And I promise we won’t serve you anything horrifying.” (As long as it’s not roadkill – once was enough.) As it turns out, Riley’s mom makes a mean pot roast - and anyone who spends as much time on the road as I do knows that a good, home-cooked meal is a rare treat. Even more of a treat was how Riley’s large, close-knit, and incredibly warm family welcomed the crew and me to their Sunday night dinner table with open arms and -- for the two days following, into their lives.  Despite having a big family to take care of, they looked out for us as well."

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