Meet the Preppers: Tim Ralston, The Inventive Prepper

Video highlights from Doomsday Preppers

"I’m preparing my family for the total destruction of the power grid."

Tim Ralston, The Inventive Prepper
Photograph by Sharp Entertainment
Producer's note from Jeremy Levine: "It wasn't long after I met Tim Ralston that he suggested testing out his invention, the Crovel -- a self-dubbed "swiss army knife of shovels" -- on a pig corpse. I wasn't sure if he was serious. But then we showed up and there it was, marinating in a puddle of murky red water in his bathtub. Tim and his friends hoisted it in the backyard, all the while I was telling myself, "this isn't happening."  The stench was overwhelming, and it didn't get much better when -- with a few deft swings of the Crovel -- Tim sent pig guts exploding all over our crew.  That night in the hotel room I threw out my splattered shoes and prepared for the next day."

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