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Love comes in all forms and happens between different types of people. Here, we take a deeper look into three types of love with no boundaries.


Nepal has one of the highest percentages of child marriage with 63% of Nepalese girls getting married by the age of 18, and 7% marrying before turning 10 years old.

Child marriage is part of the Hindu laws practiced by many of its followers. Ancient scriptures dating back to 400 B.C. have child marriage as a strict moral code indicating that eight- to ten-year-old girls are of the most appropriate age to get married.

“Kanyadan” is a translation of “the gift of a virgin” used describe the father giving his daughter’s hand in marriage and seen as a “punya” or spiritual praise to the father.

The traditional upbringing of a girl child in Nepal has the goal of creating a hard working, obedient, quiet, and self-sacrificing future wife and daughter-in-law. Attitudes are changing, especially in urban areas and putting a high importance on education for girls.


Doll lovers can sometimes be referred to “iDollators,” and seek a community of others online, mashing together the ideas of art and pornography that brings a very thin line between desire, lust, and fetishism.

Thousands of men pay $6,500 for each doll.

The reason for having a love doll vary among owners. Psychiatrists say there’s no one common denominator behind all love doll owners.

For some men, doll love can hinder normal emotional development, since intimacy with real people is an important part of maturity.

Men sometimes carry on the complete control over the dolls to relationships with real women, which may inflict harm, emotionally and physically.


Polygamy, practiced mostly by men, is defined as having more than one spouse at the same time.

In 1882, Congress passed an act stating that anyone practicing polygamy would be imprisoned for five years and would also face a monetary fine.

It was not until 1904 that the Mormon Church officially outlawed polygamy. Most times religion plays a large part with people who take part in polygamy.

Polygamy remains a controversial subject: It is estimated that there are tens of thousands practicing polygamy in the U.S. today.

One polygamist, Philip, said: “I love all my wives but in different ways. Some of them are good at mothering me and some of them are good at listening to what I have to say.”

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