The Croc Catchers NT: Student Tasks

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The Croc Catchers NT

LEARNING LEVEL            
Upper Primary, Junior Secondary


Task 1
You will need to do some Internet research to complete this task. Download a map of the Australia from
Click on the map to enlarge it. Save the map to your files, or print and paste it into your workbook.

On your map:
•    Shade the areas where saltwater crocodiles are found
•    Write down the estimated number of Australia’s saltwater crocodile population.

Task 2
Write a 50-word description of the work that the Croc Catchers do.

Task 3
List five characteristics shared by the Croc Catchers.
Task 4
Saltwater crocodiles are supreme predators. Explain how they defend themselves when they are attacked. Your answer should be about 80 words in length, and should include four different defence strategies.

Task 5
In about 100 words describe how the Croc Catchers deal with a crocodile that is caught in a trap. Make sure you include a sentence to state where the crocodile ends up, and why.

Task 1
Do some Internet research to help you find answers to the following:
•    Scientific name of Australia’s saltwater crocodile
•    Its family name
•    Its legal status in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and nationally
•    Its distribution

Task 2
In about 75 words, explain why the Northern Territory government had to set up a special crocodile management unit.
Task 3
Compile a fact file about saltwater crocodiles that includes the following:
•    Maximum length
•    Maximum weight
•    Diet
•    Habitat
•    Reproduction strategies
•    Defence mechanisms
•    Life expectancy

Task 4
It takes a particular type of person to work with large predators such as saltwater crocodiles. In about 100 words, describe the characteristics of such a person. Conclude your description with a statement about whether or not you would like to do this job and why.

Task 5
Since legislation was passed in Australia in the 1970s to protect saltwater crocodiles, their numbers have increased dramatically. The human population has also increased dramatically in this period. Now that humans are spreading further and further into crocodile habitat, encounters with crocodiles are becoming more frequent. In 150 words, express your opinion about the best way to manage this situation, given that both populations are like to continue increasing in the future.


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