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  • The Warlocks Motorcycle Club was dreamt up by 13 young sailors aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Shangri-La in 1967.  All motorcycle-mad, they decided they would found the club when their service in the navy was over and they were back on dry land.

  • One of the founding members, Grub, is still an active member of the Warlocks MC – over 40 years after it’s inception.

  •  The names of the founding members are as colorful as the club logo - SKIP, LITTLE RICK, GRUB, KID, MOUSE, BUZZARD, SCOTTY, HATE, CHICO, HOG, STEVE, SHOOTER & THE CRASH 

  • The club logo is a large red, yellow and orange phoenix; an ancient symbol of immortality. 

  • When a Warlock member dies, it is said he has traveled on to the Freebird chapter (membership, 39).  The name for the chapter originates from a song written by Lynyrd Skynyrd singer, Ronnie Van Zant.  Inspired by the opening lines   Warlocks frequently play the song at the funerals of fallen brothers.

  •  The Warlocks häave chapters all across the globe; from their headquarters in Florida all the way to Lincolnshire, UK and Allgäu, Germany.

  •  One of the Warlock mottos is  .

  • Many Warlocks have WFFW tattoos or patches; it stands for Warlocks Forever, Forever Warlocks and represents the strong devotion to the Warlock brotherhood members are renowned for.

  • In 1987, the turf war between the Warlocks and the Outlaws came to a head when George Clark became the first Warlock to die at the hands of an Outlaw.  Warlock Clark was stabbed during a violent rumble between the clubs at The East Bay Motorcycle Rodeo in Tampa Florida.

  • The growth of the Warlock Empire in Florida so enraged the Outlaws MC President, Taco Bowman, that he ordered the execution of Warlock chapter president Bear Chaffin.  Bear’s plans to expand the Warlock territory were cut short when he was shot dead by Outlaw probate, Dirt Ankerich, in 1991. 

  • Law Enforcement estimates the Warlocks have 200 members in 18 chapters across the United States and Europe.

  • In 1990, the Warlocks were infiltrated by undercover cops.  The agents were trusted enough as roughneck bikers to open their own all-police chapter of the club in Fort Lauderdale complete with fully-wired clubhouse; a first for law enforcement.

  • As with every 1%er motorcycle club, membership to the Warlocks is strictly by invitation only.

  • The Warlocks set up a “Nomad” chapter in Florida, for all those wandering bikers who have a passion for their bikes and the brotherhood, but no set address.

  • On October 18th 1994, the Warlocks Orlando clubhouse was obliterated by a firebomb thrown into the building by members of the Outlaw Motorcycle club.

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