Watch A Baby Cry Sumo Contest

In Japan, sumo wrestlers compete to see who can make babies cry the fastest

While most parents would be upset to see their babies crying, these mums and dads are hoping for as many tears as possible from their children.

At Japan’s Nakizumo festival, sumo wrestlers try their best to elicit ear-piercing screams from babies.

The traditional festival is based on the Japanese proverb ‘Naku ko wa sodatsu’, meaning ‘Crying babies grow fastest’, and is believed to bring good health to the winning babies.

The tradition, which dates back 400 years, sees two sumo wrestlers each hold a baby and try to make the infant scream.

They can use any means necessary including shouting ‘Naki’, making noises and pulling faces.

If the child still refuses to cry, the referee gets involved, donning a devil mask to entice the necessary screams.

The baby who cries first is crowned the winner and is said to be blessed with good health.

At the end of the match, participants and spectators yell ‘Banzai raku’, meaning ‘Live long’.

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