Phil Breslin learns the customs of the New Zealand people

Video highlights from Wild Survivor

What traditional customs did Phil Breslin learn from indigenous tribes The Bardi Jaarwi People (Salt Water people) from the Kimberley's and the traditional Maori people in New Zealand?

  • The first Maori explorers established an ancient pre-European trading route all the way to the top of Mt. Tarawera¬†Generations of Ngati Rangitihi have conquered this journey and is depicted inside their meeting house.¬†
  • A corroboree is a traditional celebration of acceptance. In this instance, Phil is accepted by the Bardi Jaawi, as a raft ride, know as Galwaman
  • The dance tells the story of a distant ancestor called little Wiggan, who rafted through the same set of island
  • Maori scouts were sent ahead of a war party to check the lay of the land.¬†
  • Mau Rakau is a martial art unique to the Maori, a deadly art of cut and thrust, club and slash

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