9 Wild Survivor Tools

Video highlights from Wild Survivor

See the tools Phil Breslin uses to survive the tough terrain of the Australian and New Zealand wilderness.

Cloak – made of dried flax fibre, this ‘pake’ (pr. paa-kay) was designed to channel rain away from the body through layering, similar to a thatched roof.

Backpack – also made of dried flax fibre, this ‘kete pikau’ (pr. care-tay pee-koh) was worn over the shoulders as a backpack.  The Maori made these bags in a number of different sizes, depending on their use.

Obsidian cutting tool – obsidian is volcanic glass and was prized by early Maori as a cutting tool.  Phil used a flake of obsidian to gut and fillet an eel.

Fishing Spear – the spear Phil carries is modelled on a ‘matarau’ (pr. maa-taa-roh) or traditional eel spear.  Made of hardwood, it typically had seven points including the sharpened shaft.

Fire Sticks – the traditional Maori technique of making fire was the fire plough or ‘te hika ahi’ (pr. ter hee-kaa aa-hee) in which a pointed stick of hardwood is rubbed vigorously along a groove in a softer wood, creating a fine dust which eventually ignites as a result of friction.

Flax basket for ember-carrying – Phil weaves a simple basket from green flax leaves to carry an ember, in a simple Maori weaving style.

Traditional fish hook – the traditional fish hook is constructed from a piece of curved driftwood, hardened in the sun, with a shell barb lashed on using dried flax twine.

Shells – used to carry a litre of water or to keep burning embers from the previous day’s fire.

Taiaha - traditional fighting staff carved from hardwood and designed to be deadly at either end

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