You Can No Longer Buy A Human Skull On eBay

Skulls were selling on the auction website for up to $5,500.

It’s been said you buy just about anything on eBay – but not anymore.

The auction company has now banned the sale of all human body parts, with the exception of hair.

Previously, eBay made exceptions for “skulls and skeletons intended for medical use,” but required no evidence that the bones being sold were actually for medical use.

Real Human Skull

It has been suggested by one expert that some of the skulls may have been from disinterred human remains originating in China and India.

"We should have strong moral problems with that,” Tanya Marsh, from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, told the New Scientist:

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"They don't say how long the skeletons have been skeletons. You can't tell just by looking at them. It's possible that some of them are disinterred human remains."

Before the ban, skulls were selling for as much as US$5,500. A study in the Journal of Forensic Sciences found that 454 human skulls were listed for sale on eBay over a seven-month period in 2012-2013.

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It’s not the first time eBay has banned products from sale. In 2009, the auction website banned the sale of ivory.

Experts warn the ban may not have the intended effect, with concerns that the market for human skulls will simply move underground.

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