Dr Paul Jansz

Video highlights from Miracle Hospital

Senior cardiothoracic surgeon, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

Dr Paul Jansz is a Senior Cardiothoracic Surgeon/Transplant Surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. He is the head of Mechanical Circulatory Assist Program, Head of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgical Program.

Dr Jansz holds a leadership role at St Vincent’s Heart & Lung Transplant centre and is certified in the Total Artificial Heart Program. Dr Jansz has taken the lead role in the implementation in the ongoing mechanical and circulatory heart support program and has been an international lead in various trials and circulatory support devices.  He also has had principal involvement in the provision ECMO services to NSW.

Dr Jansz has also developed and established the minimally invasive and robotic surgical program, and had a key role in the implementation of cardiovascular devices such as percutaneous valves and sutureless devices.

Doctor Jansz features in Episode 2 of Miracle Hospital. Dwight has cardiomyopathy and is being kept alive by a heart pump. After a few failed hopes at a transplant, new technology known as “heart in a box”, will keep a donor heart alive long enough for surgeons to get his damaged heart out.

Miracle Hospital is a documentary series with unprecedented access to doctors at St Vincent's Hospitals and their patients undergoing life-saving treatments with new cutting edge technology. 


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